Welcome to Yoga & Code!

Welcome! Want to follow along as I build a new site? This blog is meant to be a living web project, I intend to have leave it live and public all through-out its development, I intend to use it both to document and share posts about coding, posts about yoga and to design new WordPress themes.

If you are viewing the blog for the first time, please know that it may not make any sense for awhile. Like a slab of clay on an artists… clay slab, or whatever it’s called… Follow along with me as I sculpt the site in to whatever it ends up being!

If you would like to read along as I try to collect my thoughts check out my blog. Keeping in mind I am even writing the content live and public so reading it might be similar to watching a sculpture take form. If you want to help me edit or collect my thoughts let me know! I love collaboration 🙂

Site Status

Currently the site is simply a base WordPress install using the HTML5 Blank theme which I am using as a boilerplate to develop a custom theme for the site.

I have setup a Git Repository for the development of the theme. This theme will be free for public use so feel free to play around with it and let me know what you come up with!  For the first revision I am hoping to come up with something Fallout-esque for the design, if you are interested in contributing please contact me.


  • No history yet, this site lives only in the present moment.