Welcome to Yoga & Code!

Hello, my name is Jesse Burton. I am a Web Developer and Yogi, originally from Alberta, Canada.

After spending 10 years working as a web developer for the City of Airdrie I decided to trade in the traditional office for a more remote one. I have spent the last two years living and working at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga discovering the power of Karma Yoga and exploring the teachings and practices of Baba Hari Dass.

Living in community has been an extremely rewarding and challenging experience, I have made many sure to be life-long friends and met my beautiful wife Crystal in the process!

At the end of 2018 Crystal and I made the decision to move out of the community and back in to the world to create space for our own adventures, together.

This site is intended to be a place to collect my thoughts, share my knowledge and have some fun!

Much Love

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Current Projects

Panels Page

Working with React to develop a UI for a very simple workshop registration page. Playing around with CSS and Javascript to develop an interesting user experience.

Text Based Adventure Game

Using React to play around with developing a text based adventure game. This project is entirely in the planning phase. Follow along and/or contribute if you’d like!