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Current Projects


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URL: www.burtonmediainc.com
Start Date: February 2018
Completion Date: Ongoing
Status: This project an ongoing workin progress. The site is just simple HTML and CSS at the moment, once I have finalized the design I will begin creating a WordPress theme to manage the content and remove this hard coded site. This site is what I am working on in between client work. A busy year has put it slightly on the backburner but I am looking forward to putting more energy towards it this winter.
Git: https://github.com/jessejburton/burtonmedia-wp-theme

After working for 10 years primarily as a Coldfusion developer I am really excited to expand and apply my knowledge to new platforms. My primary focus right now is WordPress and React development. A great combination as WordPress 5.0 comes out and we can start working with React and Gutenberg! I am working on refining my workflow for theme and plugin development and what better way to do this then to build the new Burton Media website as a learning project.

I have started by creating the HTML and CSS markup. I am using a lot of new techniques that I learned from Jonas Schmedtmann's Advanced CSS and SASS course over on Udemy (which I highly recommend).

I am currently following the 7-1 sass pattern for managing my CSS and have really found it to be effective and easy to work with. Find out more here

Feel free to follow along with this project via its Git Repository, the theme iteself will also be Open Source so feel free to use / change it. If you use it or would like to contribute please send me a message, I would love to see your work!


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URL: www.saltspringcentre.com
Start Date: November 2017
Completion Date: Ongoing
Status: Working on updating the theme to work with Gutenberg. Just launched a new Yoga Class registration system built in AngularJS. Plan going forward will be to convert this project to a React project.

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga was in need of a new website. They had an existing WordPress site that was using a lot of plugins and customizations. Time for a fresh new look! The main design of the site was created by Marianne Butler who provided the SASS and CSS files which I then used to create the WordPress theme.

The theme includes custom post types for managing testimonials, banners and job postings. The site uses Gravity Forms along with the PayPal and MailChimp plugins to manage payments, memberships and newsletter subscriptions.

We are currently in the process of integrating with Mind Body to handle Yoga classes and scheduling.


  • For Forms we are using Gravity Forms with the PayPal and MailChimp add-ons.
  • I almost always use the Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin to clean-up the menu for the general users.
  • Something that I also almost always use is the User Role Editor plugin, which allows me to set up specific roles for editors who only need access to specific functions. I find this a great combination with the Admin Menu Editor plugin.


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URL: http://www.toko-pa.com
Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: Ongoing
Status: Currently working on an implementation of the LearnDash plugin to deliver online courseware.

In the summer of 2018 I began working with Toko-pa to assist with the performance of her website and to help configure online shipping with Woo Commerce

By implementing and configuring the W3 Total Cache plugin and a few other modifications to the theme we were able to reduce average load times from 9s to around 3s.

We also setup shipping to be automatically calculated within Canada and US using a Canada Post plugin and serveral Woo Commerce plugins in order to get the configuration just right for orders of any size. This also includes discounts for orders of specific sizes.

Starting in November of 2018 we are beginning to set up an implementation of the LearnDash LMS in order to provide online courseware. This project is planned to be completed in February of 2019.

Other Projects

Please view this document for information about my projects with the City of Airdrie and more.